An Enemy: update with more pictures from the set in Toronto.

I’m sure you won’t mind if some posts will be just a gallery of pictures, right?

More from the set (courtesy of the most up-to-date Jake Gyllenhaal website of all, IHJ)


17 thoughts on “An Enemy: update with more pictures from the set in Toronto.

  1. the only thing that disturb me is the cigarette…so sorry he re-start to smoke, but well forgive him everything

  2. So we are spoiled so far with the pictures! So good, it makes me feel being a part of a movie. Smoking bothers me a bit, but as an ex smoker I know it’s not easy to stay out of it. Especially if some roles demand from actor to smoke. Thx for keeping an eye for news.

  3. I hope the pictures keep coming, I confess that I’m insanely curious.

    As for the smoking well…look at your screen, a little more on the right…see anything appealing? πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Gyllencrazy, can ask you of what are you talking on TWITTER with Mermon7? Is it an Jake’s interviews ? which is the matter of which he has never spoken?
    Sorry if I am indiscreet, but reading the tweets I have gotten soooo curious!:)

    • Oh, hey, hi! Who are you on twitter, do I know you? just curious!

      Anyway, mermon recommended an article from a website where Jake talks about some rumors about him after Brokeback Mountain. I just wanted the original interview and found it, you got it in my twitter reply πŸ™‚

  5. That pic from right side is awesome and moment in the movie too. One day we may discuss that, was Jack thinking about Ennis at that moment, peeling potatoes, having him almost naked behind. Some peeps hear some sighs from Jack from under his cigarette. I don’t.

  6. Thanks for the kind answer! I don’t have twitter My life is too boring for twitter;) I was just snooping for Jake news πŸ™‚
    However. what does it tell Jake this interview? Never hearing before.

    PS @Mermon Jack is totally thinking about naked Ennis to me!;)

  7. Pictures, many pictures and nothing else but pictures πŸ™‚
    (Well you can write a little if you want to… ;-))

  8. LOL I’m tweeting back and forth with Jason, a twitter follower, right from the set. He’s freaking out! But I’m so so glad he’s finally seeing Jake in the flesh. I know the feeling.

    ETA: and he met him!

    Gyllengod ‏@gyllenhaalic

    I met Jake Gyllenhaal. I am shaking he signed an autograph and he took a picture with me. Dead.

    • read it …and i’m so envious 😦 so happy for him for the wonderful occasion he had, i can’t immagine the emotion to have a pic with him…probably i’ll die or at least I’ll faint. i’m happy to see that Toronto tw help us to have a lots of information about him …it’s very kind of them!

      • I’m sure Jason will have a hard time recovering πŸ™‚ I’m truly glad for him, nothing beats meeting Jake in person. And yeah, our fellow Gyllenhaalics from Toronto have a watchful eye! πŸ™‚

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