An Enemy: more pictures from the set.

Now that I’ve partially recovered from the shock of seeing Jake and the Beard, albeit nicely trimmed, walking together on the set of An Enemy, I’ll post a few more pictures, courtesy of the amazing IHJ. I have to say that the fact that he kept the beard suggests that the script is different from the novel, and for more reasons than this one.

Anyway, like I’ve said already more times than I bear to count, I have a very good feeling about this movie. Jake is exactly how I envisioned Tertuliano/Adam while reading the book, the perfect portrayal of a history teacher. I’m eagerly waiting for more pictures from the set. In the meantime, while we wait for the rest of the cast

to join, enjoy these shots and all the others that our amazing IHJ has posted.

More very soon!


7 thoughts on “An Enemy: more pictures from the set.

  1. Hey Linda, I know you’re disappointed. Who knows, maybe as the filming progresses he will shave. One more reason to keep an eye on him (as if we needed any more!).

  2. so happy to see some pics from the set, i’m not a “beard”‘s fan but in these pics it looks more care of the “NY” days…well ok i admit he looks gorgeous

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