AN ENEMY: first pictures from the set!!

Be still, my heart!

I can’t believe it, he kept the beard!


I’m sure I’ll be able to write something coherent soon.


11 thoughts on “AN ENEMY: first pictures from the set!!

  1. I can’t believe that it’s so fast. On that last picture Adam is just killing handsome. I like his look very much. Like I wrote yesterday, longer hair, short nice beard. Excellent. Real history teacher! How I would love to learn history having such a cute teacher. Even with his serious look he’s a cutie! Now I wonder if Anthony will look any different. I already love that movie. I’m overexcited now, need to calm down :).

  2. I have to add, I love the colours of his clothes. Brown shoes. Beige pants. Adam would be my great match LOL! I love the jacket and tie too. I’m glad he’s not some sloppy, absent-minded teacher. He seems sharp, focused and elegant. Sigh…

    • This part is perfect for him. Or maybe it’s him who’s perfect for the part. Anyway, I couldn’t have hoped for anything better than this.

      I won’t spoil you the surprise, I’m keeping mentions of the book to the minimum!

  3. Lucky that woman with camera! She’s allow to take the pictures! Looks like Jake smokes seriously. After second glance, I think on most pics we see Jake’s private facial expressions. He may be a bit different as Adam.

    • Mermon, sorry if I didn’t reply to your post yesterday, it got pretty hectic around here 🙂

      That woman is indeed part of the crew, maybe the costumer or the make-up artist? we’ll know more soon, I’m sure.

      I think the look we see in these pics is that of an already tormented Adam…I might be wrong, but I have this feeling.

  4. You may be right cause he doesn’t look like totally himself, but we see crew around, so maybe it’s kind of practising. Or maybe they film from other angle.

  5. There’s something about that pic where he’s facing the camera with his tongue poking out a little. It’s so cute.

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