An Enemy: Jake is in Toronto, filming is about to begin.

It was March 20, 2012 when Variety announced that Jake was in negotiations for a film based on José Saramago’s novel The Double, remember? Two months have slowly passed and Jake is indeed in Toronto where filming on that very movie begins tomorrow and will keep going through mid-July.

Canadian twitters have been kind to us sharing sightings of Jake and/or the Beard. Speaking of which, it looks like Jake gave it a trim.

With this result:

Now, I don’t know about you but to me this looks like a pretty damn good result.

Anyway, you know I prefer not to post paps’ pictures of Jake or his family, but I’ve made an exception for this one taken yesterday in NY because this could well be Jake’s last picture with the Beard. Tertuliano and his double Antonio, in fact (or Adam and Anthony, the name of Jake’s characters in the film) do not wear a beard until they are compelled to do so (I won’t say more) so I think this time we fuzzy-bearded-Jake lovers have got to brace ourselves and prepare to say a very sad goodbye. *sigh* But then again, there could be major changes in the script so I really don’t know what’s in the cards for the Beard 😉 I’m sure our fellow Canadian Gyllenhaal enthusiasts will keep us posted.

On a happier note, UV found this on Facebook. I think it’s hilarious:

“Met Brandon Phillips, Drew Stubbs and Jay Bruce of the Reds, watched baseball, got a break. Then saw Tyson Beckford and Jake Gyllenhaal while out, went back to Fan Cave to watch more baseball and did a radio interview. The A’s are currently losing. Horrible day. ;)”
9 hours ago via mobile ·

“I retained nothing of this post except that you saw Jake Gyllenhaal.”

“Yah, most women zeroed in on that part too.”


To wrap this post up I’ve chosen a series of pictures by photographer Henry Leutwyler which I admit I had never seen before.

In 2007, Esquire honored with a double cover its actors of the year, namely Denzel Washington, Cate Blanchett, Javier Bardem (yes, I have a thing for him), Jake (for Rendition), Robert Downey Jr. (for Zodiac) and Emile Hirsch.

Don’t you think Javier and Jake’s expressions are hysterical? Especially the last one, with Javier and the little dog for the second cover. I was LOL’ing at the screen, so not cool.

Here is the link to a Portfolio of Portraits, by Henry Leutwyler. Stunning shots, including a beautiful one of Jake.

See you very soon for more news from the set of AN ENEMY, folks!


19 thoughts on “An Enemy: Jake is in Toronto, filming is about to begin.

  1. “Tertuliano and his double Antonio, in fact (or Adam and Anthony, the name of Jake’s characters in the film) do not wear a beard until they are compelled to do so.”

    Actually Antonio wears a beard in the movie that Tertuliano watches on DVD. Tertuliano had a beard too at the time the movie was filmed. He takes a look at a photo of himself from five (?) years ago to verify it. So maybe Jake will need the beard for the shootings if only for a brief scene.

    • Hiya Hagen, welcome and thanks for commenting!

      Actually what Tertuliano 5 years prior and Antonio in the dvd both sport is a moustache, not a beard. From the early pages of the book “Come off it, Tertuliano, I mean, he’s got a moustache and you’re clean shaven”. And when he looks for the photograph of himself “[…] and, at last, found what he was looking for, a photo of himself, five years ago. He had a moustache, a different hairstyle, and his face was thinner”. I can’t comment further otherwise we might spoil the fun to other readers 🙂 Anyway, what a bunch of loonies are we, debating over a beard? LOL

  2. Wooo-hoo!!! It’s starting soon… Then it is shot, then it goes to the cutting room (not too much please…), then is is promoted (I’m gonna love it!), then it goes on screens (big screens with big pictures of course) and finally it is rewarded 🙂

    Btw the pictures of Javier… Damn it! Love him without his “playmobil” hair 🙂
    And re-btw what’s he name of the dog?!

  3. Boy but he looks fiiiiine in that pic! look at the hair and that nicely trimmed beard, he’s perfection made man. Anyway Gyllen, I’m warning you there’s no way you can survive these months if you don’t wind down a bit he hasn’t even started filming yet! and don’t forget about BROADWAY, you’ll be a nervous wreck by then lol

  4. Those late pics of Jake are adorable. I think it’s one of his best looks – long hair and rather short beard. I wonder how Tartuliano/Adam will looks like. What do you think, how history teacher should look like. I would opt for longer hair. Facial hair, I don’t know. We should see it soon.
    @Hagen – so odd you have the same word for moustache and beard. Interesting to find it out. Must be confusing sometimes.
    Esquire’s pics are funny and very good.

  5. There are so many funny comments about Jake on twitter and Facebook. These days, they definitely seem to outnumber the ignorant ones by a great margin.

    I wonder if it will be weird to have these two characters in his head, along with anything of his character in the play. It’s going to get crowded in there 🙂

    I remember some of those Esquire pics, but it’s fun to see them again. Not sure I’ve ever seen the one with just Jake and Emile Hirsch. Thanks for posting. I may steal them at some point for a post 🙂

    I was so happy that Esquire recognized Jake’s performance in Rendition, an unfairly maligned movie, IMO.

  6. Hey Sarah, go ahead and steal whatever you want, the pleasure is only mine.

    Jake sure is making up for the long dry spell, don’t you think? ha! I feel for those poor neurons, they must be so confused and it’s not going to get better any time soon 🙂

    I totally agree about Rendition. You know it’s my favorite after Brokeback, Jake was superb and the film disturbingly powerful.

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