The Shoes “Time to Dance” among the best music videos in the upcoming Worldwide Short Film Festival in TORONTO

I KNEW this video was EPIC! Just like I KNEW Jake would be recognized for his outstanding performance!

Scheduled in the Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival Scene Not Herd: Music Videos section, this is how it is presented:

Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko, Source Code) taps into his dark side to play a savage serial killer with a flair for the mundane in this epic, video-cum-short film showcasing this bangin’ electro-dance jam.

Since Jake will be in Toronto during the Festival (June 5-10, 2012) maybe he’ll attend one of the ceremonies. I’d love to see him accept an award for The Shoes video (I’m sure the band would be happy to win, too).

This gives me a good reason to watch the video again, doesn’t it? Ah, but these good news are spoiling me.

P.S. Thanks to The Shoes! 🙂


22 thoughts on “The Shoes “Time to Dance” among the best music videos in the upcoming Worldwide Short Film Festival in TORONTO

  1. Holy sh*t! this is fantastic, this video is really something e Jake performance was outstanding! Jake deserve this , bcz he is such a incredble talented great actor!

  2. really hope he and the band wins a prize for it! i’m not able to explain how much i love that video and jake’s performing

  3. Jake’s performance is really incredible but you know what I think about the topic 😦 Bad times to show such pictures IMO
    But Hey! It’s Jake! (I know… lol)

    • I know and if our TV didn’t show much worse on a daily basis at any given hour I’d agree with you. And I hope you too know that it’s not because “it’s Jake”. I consider myself much more objective than that 🙂

      • That’s precisely because TV shows us violent pictures that I don’t think it’s wise to insist on this point.
        Just see the impact such pictures can have on people…
        As for “It’s Jake”, it was just a private joke 😉

  4. The only thing we can do, IMHO, is have faith on people’s common sense. We can’t expect the media or the film industry or photographers or whoever and whatever deals with images to only portray and report idyllic scenarios or lovey-dovey movies.

    One thing should have been done, though, which would have made the impact less shocking: put a warning in the opening.

  5. Good to wake up and read your posts, Gyllen. I like it when you’re so excited, you sound like a kid with a new toy lol it’s sweet, really. I love this vid, luvitluvitluvit. Did I mention that I love this vid? there, now u know.

    • DannyBoy, always good to see you here mate. As regards to the new toy…I’ll tell you in private LOL j/k, I know I can sound overexcited at times but you know how it is. I know you love this vid almost as much as I do. Almost.

  6. I share my excitement as well! I’m so happy that that vid is appreciated. Cause we Gyllenhaalic could be biased. But nomination is a confirmation it’s a good staff, brilliantly acted and well directed. That first gif you show here – Jake eating in a very specific way – awakes very strange feelings in me, difficult to describe. The way he slowly chews really looks like killer’s, wacko’s eating to me!
    Isn’t it exciting year for Jake and us – his fans? And it’s still so much to come!

    • I agree mermon, that slow chewing is creepy. In this video one can appreciate Jake’s ability to convey in a few seconds shot an incredibly deep emotion or the complete lack of it. He’s great at that.

      An exciting year for us all, that’s true.

  7. Hello! Thank you for the great post! It’s really good news.
    I agree with 13thsun:) I hope Jake and The Shoes win a prize for this video. and If Jake would attend the ceremony we could see some new pics of him there!
    “Time to Dance” is very good music, but Jake’s performance made it much better! Actually his power of expression is outstanding even no lines. like you all here said. 🙂

    hmmm I’m afraid about my English is ok? 😛

    • Mayumi-san! It’s always good to hear from you and your English is just fine!

      Yes, we seem to all agree that Jake’s performance was outstanding in this video. I wasn’t too sure about the song, I actually started to really listen to it after the 4th or 5th re-watching (I was distracted, I confess!)

      I too hope we’ll get to see Jake at the ceremony and that the video gets the award. Fingers crossed!

  8. To be honest, I didn’t know at all about The Shoes before the music featuring Jake. 😛 hehehe
    So, the plan for spreading their music is seems successful!

    I’m glad that you call me in Japanese style! What a nice surprise! 🙂

    Have a good weekend!!

  9. I wasn’t sure when the festival was being held. I’m sure Jake will be able to make it one of those days, at least I hope. maybe it will win an award.

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