BREAKING: The cast of AN ENEMY finally revealed!

I was so eagerly waiting for this, guys!

Pathé International has finally revealed the cast of An Enemy. ScreenDaily reports that

Melanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon and Isabella Rossellini have joined Jake Gyllenhaal on the cast of Pathe’s Cannes buzzer An Enemy, described by director Denis Villeneuve as “an existential erotic thriller.”


Gyllenhaal plays Adam, a history teacher

living a quiet life with his girlfriend (Laurent)

until he discovers his physical double (who lives with his wife, played by Gadon).

The two men’s lives become intertwined precipitating a lethal struggle.

Whoa, Isabella Rossellini! she will play Adam’s mother, I guess. What a classy choice, well done!

And Melanie Laurent! Now this is quite the coincidence since I was re-watching “The Concert” – lovely little film – only yesterday and thought again that Melanie Laurent was really good! Ha!

I particularly liked this part:

Niv Fichman, founding partner of Rhombus Media, said: “If ever there was a dream team assembled to make a movie, this is it.  From a stellar cast to the greatest production team, led by one of the world’s most intriguing directors. And we’re all thrilled to be working with Pathé, whose consistent guidance and support followed Denis’ vision at every step.”

What a way to start my Monday. I’m truly happy, I have a silly grin on my face. Shooting starts in a week (May 22) so more about An Enemy soon.

Stay tuned!!


21 thoughts on “BREAKING: The cast of AN ENEMY finally revealed!

  1. finally some news about the cast! I admit that the only one i know is Isabella (and i love her) that probably will be the mum…for the rest cross finger for the plot of the movie 🙂

  2. The film I mentioned, The Concert, is a little gem and Melanie Laurent is really brilliant in her portrayal of a violinist. As for Isabella Rossellini who doesn’t know her and her father? both incredible artists. As regards the plot…have you noticed how I did NOT stress on this part? — “an existential erotic thriller.” Ha!

    • just what I was afraid … I was hoping that they remain enough closer to the plot, especially good for him … but we’ll see 😉

      • Sorry to pop in 13thsun but I agree with you. I’m quite afraid too… The story is so psychological that putting something erotic might distort the story. Time will tell…

      • We can’t really expect such a deeply intimate story to be portrayed faithfully. It’s easier to describe a man’s inner fight against insanity with words, way less easy in a film. But who knows, we might be proved wrong. And I know Jake would not settle for a mere erotic tale, anyway.

      • I guess it wouldn’t have been easy to be totally faithful to the story as it was described in the novel, which is dramatically intimate in a non-erotic kind of way. I thought it was almost impossible to condense in a 90-minute long film such a wide range of bottled-up emotions. Something had to give. And let’s not forget that audiences worldwide ask for hot scenes between the main characters, wether we like it or not. I don’t, personally, but I can’t blame the production to try and make sure that the audience needs are met.

  3. What an amazing cast.

    Your excitement is rubbing off on me Gyllen, now I can hardly wait and I’m even tempted to read that damn book. All your fault, making a literate out of little uneducated me.

    • I’m just popping in to bring good news… Just to say that I might find a copy of the book with pictures! French people also are a bit uneducated and too many words make them feel dizzy… LOL!

  4. “an existential erotic thriller.” – that hit me the most! I’m thrilled, just thinking about that existential erotic. LOL. LAOD promised a lot, but was quite gently. So maybe now with French director we’ll have something more.
    I am so excited like you are. I know only Isabella Rossellini, she would be fine mother, suiting Jake. If you recommend movie “The Concert”, maybe I will watch it, to get to know Melanie Laurent. She plays in Now You See Me, film, Jake had to starr in, about magicians, do you remember?
    That line you pointed out is very promising, I spotted it too!

    • Yes, I do remember. I guess it was in the stars that they had to work together.

      As for the “existential erotic thriller” classification I wouldn’t rely too much on that. The production needs to attract people’s attention, if they just wrote “existential thriller” I’m sure the news wouldn’t have had the same enthusiastic reception.

  5. Little spoiler alert:
    I was very surprise to find out about Helena’s pregnancy. Is it a mistake or a plot changing? Regarding the end, it makes all story even more interesting. If this is true.

    • hope it’s a mistake…’cause if not it will be the “evidence” that they have changed completely the plot. I know that it’s hard to get the book on screen but at this point the only thing that they haven’t changed is the “double Jake” (and thanks God for this 😉 eheheh )

      • We don’t know anything for sure yet, and we must brace ourselves for a lot of speculation about the script. Changes to the original story were necessary, IMO. I only hope, like you all do, that the essence of the story is safe.

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