Jake headed to Toronto — shooting of An Enemy about to start!

Nothing to add, just a silly report from Tweetland. But I love it that Jake is flying to Toronto. An Enemy has a special place in my heart, just like Saramago’s novel (I’m sure you noticed).


Just went through security with Jake Gyllenhaal. NBD. (@ LaGuardia Airport (LGA) w/ 128 others)http://4sq.com/JiDJGa

Probably headed to Toronto RT @AJisTweeting Just went through security with Jake Gyllenhaal. NBD. (@ LaGuardia Airport (LGA) w/ 128 others)


@GYLLENCRAZY he was escorted by an Air Canada attendant so I’m sure!

@AJisTweeting 🙂 I thought so. I hope Toronto tweeters are as clever as you. Thanks for sharing!


Get ready #TorontoTweeps, Jake Gyllenhaal is on his way! Keep us posted!

More soon, folks.




13 thoughts on “Jake headed to Toronto — shooting of An Enemy about to start!

  1. I like your excitement about any news regarding An Enemy, cause I feel the same. Love the plot of the book and can’t wait. Thx for sharing your tweets’ conversation with us. Cause it’s still time for a movie to be started (May22), behind Jake’s earlier Toronto journey, one reason only comes to my mind – casting! I’m sure he wants/has to attend that. Check, if he has a chemistry with Maria and Helen. Oh, to be one of them! LOL! Since we didn’t hear any casting’s announcement, maybe they chose few actresses already. And now Jake will “test” them. Just guessing. Do they have any chemistry? Will be interesting to find two women with chemistry with Jake.
    By the way, reading comments here, one question came to my mind – who will I prefer – Adam or Anthony? In the book I prefer Tartuliano/Adam. In the movie may be different.

  2. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing End Of Watch, An Enemy is more my cup of tea. I don’t know exactly what drawns me towards it but as I said before, I have a good feeling about it. I want to see Jake performing in a psychological thriller, I think it’s a challenging role for him and I can’t wait for it to blow my mind. I know he will. As for who I like better, Saramago sure focused more on Tertuliano and seemed to want us to know more about him, and therefore make us fancing him more. I think it’ll be hard though to choose between the two, seeing as they’ll both be Jake 🙂

  3. Jake, it was a very nice surprise seeing you in the elevator today in Toronto!!. Hope you have a wonderful time in the city.

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