Jake Gyllenhaal’s name in AN ENEMY is not Tertuliano, after all…

Wowza! This is so great, I had just finished commenting on how much I’m looking forward to seeing AN ENEMY and bam!, Pathé International, the distribution company, just published this little bit of news…and no, Jake’s name won’t be Tertuliano, but…

“AN ENEMY is a gripping, mysterious psychological thriller.

Gyllenhaal plays ADAM, a divorced teacher, quietly living with his girlfriend MARY. He discovers a physically identical man, an actor called ANTHONY, living nearby with his wife, HELEN.

ADAM stalks his double, intending to observe from a distance, but soon the couples’ lives become intertwined, precipitating a lethal battle in which only one couple can survive. “

Adam!!!! well, better than Tertuliano Maximo Afonso, that’s for sure.


28 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal’s name in AN ENEMY is not Tertuliano, after all…

  1. ok Adam is definitely better than Tertuliano but in the book he doesn’t live with his girlfriend, he lives alone… i hope they don’t change the story too much

    • There’s bound to be some rearranging of the story for cinematic purposes but we shall see. This is the risk of reading the book before seeing the film, anyway! I take it you read it already? good girl! 🙂

      • yes and i love it, very intense role for jake, in my mind i saw him when i read the book 🙂

    • Tell me about it, sass. I know it’ll be mind-blowing. I read the book twice (once years ago and another when I knew Jake would have played Tertuliano). If Jake plays his cards well here, maybe he’ll be finally recognized for the amazing actor that he is.

  2. I have to admit I’m relieved. I love name Adam, Tartuliano was too exotic. Who knows how to pronounce it in English. So that change is good! I think Adam fits Jake very well.
    Second change – that he’s not alone. So he won’t be so weird, being able/ready to live with woman.
    I am very glad I read a book, I will have one more thing to focus on – changes!

  3. Hey there mermon! I’m actually not sure if the fact that he lives with his girlfriend in the film is a good change, I wouldn’t want Jake’s character to be too “normal”. But maybe it’s just me…

    Anyway, good to see ya!

    • I know what you mean. Let’s just remember they want to sale the movie, probably for Americans mostly. That’s very specific audience, as I had a chance to discover. That book is very European IMO. I’m from here, I enjoyed that very much and would love it to stay as close as possible to the book. But I want it also to be noticed by critics and liked by audience. I think that Jake, choosing this kind of story, great for indie movie doesn’t care too much for box office though. Will be exciting to see what they will do with the book’s story. I’m sure Jake would be excellent in portraying Tartuliano/Adam, just in a way he was. I wonder if action will have a place in Portugal at all.

      • I don’t think the film will take place in Portugal, or they wouldn’t have chosen those names. The book is indeed very European and they need to change that if they want to reach a wider audience. Which is fine, really. I just love the book and the characters so much, I hope they won’t need to totally change them.

  4. I hope the character will be close to the one in the book. It’s important for the movie tone. Tartuliano has some features that must be shown in the movie otherwise… 😦 That’s why I’m not convinced with the “normal” couple. The relationship should be difficult and tortured… IMO

    Btw “Incendies” is given on stage (?) in Paris. I saw the playbills of Wajdi Mouawad’s play. Might go to see it to check D. Villeneuve’s work 😉

  5. “If Jake plays his cards well here, maybe he’ll be finally recognized for the amazing actor that he is”

    Jake has played different parts since the beginning. That makes him be a great actor. As for the nominations… Some great and talented actors haven’t been rewarded yet. It doesnt mean that they are not recognized. I can give you some names Gyllencrazy ;-)))))))

    • Hi Julie – just wanted to pop in and say thanks to you and GC for the kind words about GyllenBabble. Things are certainly hopping these days for JAke and Jake fans.

      I haven’t read the book and wouldn’t want the character to be too normalized. But I think Tertuliano would not have worked as a name.

      I agree with both you and GC. I think Jake has shown what a great actor he is. I hope this and his other projects remind/prove it to some people.

      • My pleasure UltraViolet 🙂 I love the pictures on the blog. As we say in French : Un vrai plaisir pour les yeux 🙂
        Thanks for popping in 🙂

  6. YAY, hello there UV! good to see you here! I’m always glad to spread the word about your blog, it’s the most amazing and up-to-date and full of neverseenbefore pics and well, you know, yes, I love GyllenBabble. Julie, you might just have given a new name to our Gyllenhaal fandom…Disneyland for all things Jake! LOL

    • It’s the “Gyllenhaaleyland” pronounced “Yil-en-hoo-le-hay-li-land”… Et ben bienvenue et bon courage à tous! Le temps de prononcer le truc, le parc sera fermé…. Lol

  7. I like the name, Adam and Anthony. should be interesting to see how Jake pulls this off. He thought keeping time travel straight, this should be challenging, keeping characters straight.

    thanks for the info

  8. 50 pages left… But what an amazing translation (style, semantic…). Incredible.

    And I wonder if my mind isn’t gonna be in a turmoil after that…

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