A trailer video of the book “The Double” and a third glimpse into it

Jake did not attend the LA Conservation Corps event in LA after all but chose to fly to England instead to see good friend Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan exchange wedding rings. I hope he enjoyed this bucolic interlude and managed to steer clear of the Queen paps.

WARNING – Here come new little somethings about the novel

This is too funny not to share, especially with those who are already familiar with the story. I found this amateur clip trailer of our beloved novel “The Double”. I have no idea if this guy was even trying to do something good with it but I have no doubts you will concur that Jake will do a way much better job LOL

And here’s glimpse #3 into the novel:

“Any feeling person will happily agree that the word horror, apparently ill-suited to the domestic world of a person living alone, would describe with some accuracy what went through the mind of the man who has just come running back from his desk where he went to fetch a black marker pen and who now, standing once more before the mirror, traces on his own image just above his own upper lip, a moustache identical to that worn by the clerk at the reception desk, the fine, pencil moustache of a leading man. At that moment, Tertuliano Maximo Afonso became the actor about whose name and life we know nothing…”


5 thoughts on “A trailer video of the book “The Double” and a third glimpse into it

  1. LOL!! I hope that beard in the movie won’t be so ugly! And Jake will be much better actor, I’m sure!
    All the best for Carey&Marcus. Jake is a good friend.

  2. after reading the articles on marriage, in my opinion they had a lot of fun together. I’m glad that he has spent a few days of celebration with his friends.And really happy for Carey&Marcus

  3. I especially enjoyed this “The tractors shipped guests including Jake Gyllenhaal and Colin Firth around the site” 🙂 I am sure they had lots of fun and I wish the couple a long life together.

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