The Shoes talk a little more about Jake

I just came across this lovely interview with the two guys of the band The Shoes for the “Bloginity” online  magazine. I love the title Put On Your Dancing Shoes, very smart! It looks like they had lots of fun working with Jake, they say that he’s charming and professional. Duh. We’ve known that for ages, guys! 🙂

Julija: Now let’s talk about the “Time to Dance” video. Where did you get the idea for it? What was it inspired by?

The Shoes: It’s all about Daniel Wolfe. It’s like he’s a part of the band. He understood our music and he gave something very personal for it. He made the video for “Stay the Same” (starring Johnny Harris). It was a real surprise for us. We respect his work, so we don’t have to tell him what to do or how to do his job. When you trust your director 100%, he gives 100% of himself. The director wants to feel free to create something crazy. It blows when the record company is trying to disturb him with unhelpful input.

Julija: What’s the story behind Jake Gyllenhaal starring in this video?

The Shoes: He appeared in a Vampire Weekend video before. He’s interested in music. And he has  good taste. He really liked the song. And he’s Daniel Wolfe’s friend, so it was very natural. I still can’t believe that! The video production company “Somesuch & Co” did a very good job. We love them.

Julija: How was it working with Jake?

The Shoes: He was very charming and professional. It was during the snow storm in London. It was so freezing! We were in very warm parkas with scarves and gloves and Jake was in front of the camera dressed just in his fencing costume! What a man!!! And every hipster he killed in the video was very happy to be killed by Jake! Especially girls. [laughing]

I know I said that Jake will be the death of me but I didn’t mean by slaughtering. Anyway, I’m repeating myself, I know (ask me if I care LOL), but Jake’s performance in this video is  stunning, for lack of better words. Every time I watch it I catch another little detail to enjoy, either about Jake or Daniel Wolfe’s job behind the camera (utterly amazing, I need to look for his other works).

Like this, for instance: the way Jake here seems to be looking into the camera but then you realize his eyes are focused on the little yellow doll…just…WOW.

Reminder! Tomorrow Jake will be presenting at the LA Conservation Corps Awards, let’s hope for lots of pictures!

Watch this space!


9 thoughts on “The Shoes talk a little more about Jake

  1. I love this interview!
    You are sooo right about Jake’s job in the video ,he was really amazing!
    Thanks for the great job that you make every day:)

  2. i really love this video, jake makes a good job to interpret a serial killer….. “And every hipster he killed in the video was very happy to be killed by Jake! Especially girls”…well …as not understand them 😉

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