A few glimpses inside José Saramago’s “The Double”

ATTENTION Don’t read if you want to know absolutely nothing about the plot of Jake’s new film “An Enemy”.

These glimpses I’ll be posting here and there might be a tad spoilerish but I think it would be nice to have an idea of what Jake must be eating and drinking right now, seeing as he’ll start shooting at the end of May. Knowing him and his passionate devotion to his job in fact, I bet he has read the book more than once (errr… I might have done the same thing…)

I won’t post any real spoiler, mind you. Just a few words, to keep the excitement growing (if mine grows a little more I’ll have a heart attack but that’s fine, I know Jake will be the death of me).

So, repeat this in your head as a mantra, my little reprobates:

two Jakes two Jakes two Jakes

LOL…and come aboard for this little trip inside this fascinating novel:

“The man who has just come into the shop to rent a video bears on his identity card a most unusual name, a name with a classical flavour that time has staled, neither more nor less than Tertuliano Maximo Afonso”

More soon!


18 thoughts on “A few glimpses inside José Saramago’s “The Double”

      • “I have the feeling that Jake won’t ever be a prolific actor, not as much as we would love him to be, anyway.” Prolific – new word for me. That’s possible. Though we never know. He had 3 movies together at the beginning of his career. MM, GG Lovely&Amazing. And then few years later another 3 together – BBM, Jarhead and Proof, if I remember correctly. So he may surprise us again one day.

      • Who knows. I think I’m a peculiar fan though, in that I prefer less films with good roles to a bunch of so-so films in a year. And I’m not talking about Jake here, but in general. Say, I would like a Brokeback Mountain every other year instead of 3 The Day After Tomorrows in 12 months 🙂

  1. Hahaha! That was really discussion over the book! In that tempo, you will finish along with movie releasing! LOL!
    I’m joking of course. I’m exciting to share what I read, but I don’t want to spoil, I wouldn’t like it myself. So I just try to share my emotions I have during reading. I never had that kind of experience waiting for a Jake’s movie before. I mean – book first, knowing the story, before they even start to make it. It’s weird reading, but still – enjoyable.
    Coming back to your post – that name is really one of the kind, isn’t it? :))
    Thx for that idea.

  2. I will try to keep things readable for everyone, posting real brief glimpses as teasers. I have read the book twice, like I said, but reading it the second time with Jake in my head was a different experience. I hope people will get even more interested by taking a peak inside the story with just short sentences. Again, I won’t post anything relevant, just a few words.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the book, mermon! and that name yes, it’s one of a kind indeed!

  3. “Say, I would like a Brokeback Mountain every other year instead of 3 The Day After Tomorrows in 12 months :-)” – BBM is unrepeatable! Movies of that calibre don’t happen too often. But of course you’re right, they are worth to wait. But TDAT is nice to watch, entertaining and it was the biggest Jake’s blockbuster! I’m glad he’s got one on his account. He should have two, including Prince of Persia. 🙂
    I really count on An Enemy to become Jake’s success.We could help a bit by spreading the news. I hope it will have good promotion. I like the idea of Jake in indie movie. He’s so good in complicated characters, in small budget films..

    • Brokeback was a miracle and that’s a fact. I’m glad you got what I meant though. As for An Enemy, I’ll do whatever I can to tell people about it and get them interested. This is why I thought a glimpse into the book was a good start.
      Jake in indie films = the best.

  4. Hello! It’s nice idea that you put the “ATTENTION” on the top of this post.
    So, I looked only at Jake’s picture. I have never seen it! very cute Jake!!! Thanks for sharing it.
    Though, I’m not sure that I will be patient without reading any post or articles. :p

    • Mayumi, I take it you’re one of those who want the surprise intact! 🙂 I won’t post any real spoiler like I said, but if you really don’t want to know anything then you’ll probably have to skip a few posts. I’ll always warn people before I write something from the book so no worries about that.

      That picture was funny, wasn’t it? perfect for the post and our mantra! 🙂

    • LOL another one joins the mantra! 🙂

      Hey, Jake should get a book sale commission. I’m sure Saramago’s agency guys can’t wrap their heads around this sudden sales increase 🙂

  5. two jakes two jakes two jakes

    Hey, what happens after I filled my head with jakes, do I get at least one, possibly nekkid, in my bed? See, I ain’t asking for much. Sorry, totally OT (I know you’ll skin me after this LOL)

    Seriously tho, nice idea here Gyllen. Thanks to your generosity I got my copy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m curious to see how much of the original story will go in the script and if Javier is working his ass off to give us a good one. I was almost adding the @ before Javier then I realized we’re not on Twitter. Utterly confusing.

    Jake-a-thon time this weekend, you game?

    • Always game for a Jake-a-thon, you know that.
      Anyway, you’re an idiot, you know that right? LOL @ nekkid Jake! as if! 😉

      I hope my idea won’t upset my fellow readers, I’ll try to keep things non-spoilerish so that everybody can read.

      Thanks for commenting, buddy.

  6. I want to see more Jake evey year.Being peculiar isn’t a bad thing.XD
    As long as he chooses good scripts and directors.Hot actors like Ryan Gosling,Joseph Gorden-Leivtt or Michael Fassbender are peculiar these days.
    I think it’s a good way for Jake to try more roles if he takes more films.
    But I am just dreaming.sign……

    • I think I’m one of the very few people who think that Ryan Gosling is both overestimated and totally un-hot but that’s just me. As for Jake, I wish too he were given more good roles but I guess we just have to trust him and his agency. I sure do.

  7. I think Ryan Gosling is way overhyped, too. I don’t see his appeal. But he is the golden boy in Hollywood an public righ now….
    I hate some peolpe say Ryan Gosling is the person Jake Gyllenhaal wants to be. I really hate it !
    Jake is Jake He does’t have to be anyone else.

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