It’s official, Jake will be starring in Denis Villeneuve’s “An Enemy”

If that confirmation was not official enough, here’s more

An Enemy will have Gyllenhaal starring as a Man who sees his own Double on a Rental DVD, going on a search to find him, only to turn both their lives upside-down. The Film, which is set to wrap mid-July, is just one of many exciting Projects slated for Toronto over the next few months!

Be still my heart!!


USA Production News
Jake Gyllenhaal is starring ‘An Enemy’, a dramedy directed by Denis Villeneuve. Crewing now! Get the contact details in our newsletter
15 Apr via HootSuite

I’m figuratively shouting this out of my lungs. I’m so friggin’ happy.

Watch this space for more news soon!


10 thoughts on “It’s official, Jake will be starring in Denis Villeneuve’s “An Enemy”

  1. I’m joining a happy people’s club! We believed in it before, but confirmation makes it real. I like the idea of dramedy a lot! Jake will be simply perfect for that genre.

  2. Yahoo! It’s so nice to hear that Jake is starring “An Enemy” for sure. This news is the best reward for our patience.
    Yes! Sounds interesting it will be “dramedy”. I’m really looking forward to hearing and seeing something about the shooting. Happy to be busier! 😀

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