Jake will be presenting at the LA Conservation Corps Awards next Friday!

The LA Conservation Corps will award $200,000 in scholarships to 188 participants at its luncheon April 20 from 11:30AM to 2PM at Los Angeles State Historic Park 

Always caring for young adults, our Jake. Not only for the Edible Schoolyard Project and the New Eyes for the Needy, but also for the LA Conservation Corps, whose

[Its] primary mission is to provide at-risk young adults and school-aged youth with opportunities for success through job skills training, education and work experience with an emphasis on conservation and service projects that benefit the community. The Corps is a national leader in workforce development and alternative education for inner-city youth and is currently the largest urban conservation corps in the nation with a full-time staff of over 150 employees serving 17,000 young people each year.

Jake’s care for the environment is not a secret either and I bet he’ll be thrilled about this

The Los Angeles Conservation Corps is proud to acknowledge that the next generation of environmentalists are among the youth who will be recognized with scholarships at the annual luncheon.

…and I bet you guys and I are thrilled about THIS

The true stars of this event are the scholars, a few of whom will share their story of triumph at this year’s luncheon. In addition, actor Jake Gyllenhaal is scheduled to attend for a third year to help present the scholarships.

So while we wait for pictures of the event, here’s Jake in the two past editions he presented.

in 2008

 in 2009

pictures courtesy of IHJ

I guess we’ll have a bearded Jake this year. Ha!

On a funny note, this asked to be posted here! I can very well imagine the shock when you get to talk with Jake over the phone for 26 minutes (lucky guy!!!)

From Tumblr

Talked to Jake Gyllenhaal on the phone for 26 minutes and 13 seconds.

Oh, god. I’m still trying to function.  
I wasn’t even suppose to speak with him.
At work today I was to call a rep for Jake and talk about stuff for work.
BUT NOOOOOOOO….Jake wanted to a humble and an awesome jackass and talk to me himself. Obviously, caught off guard I could barely speak properly (how professional).
I was saying “Uh…um.” over 20 times in the beginning.
So, I said “Sorry I just, uh…” He goes “No, it’s totally fine. I understand.”
Well, look at this bastard. He just HAD to be nice.

Overall, Jake is hilarious, kind, and an absolute sweetheart. 

The “look at this bastard” had me laugh out loud. Anyway, Jake is truly the kindest celebrity on earth.


22 thoughts on “Jake will be presenting at the LA Conservation Corps Awards next Friday!

  1. Ahhh! Finally – a public appearance. I suppose the Face Pet will have to tag along, but I wouldn’t mind at all if he left it behind for a while. What a wonderful, kind, awesome jackass of a bastard he is!! LOL

    • He’s indeed an awesome jackass of a bastard, I agree LOL

      He has attended a few public events recently but there’s just never enough of them, right?

      As for the Face Pet, if you know me you know that I’m the number one – and only – fan of it so whatever he decides to do with it it’s just fine!

      Thanks for stopping by, nice to see you here!

  2. these are the things that make me say #soproudtobeagyllenhaalics … however if i was at the place of the guy who received the call.. i think i’d died…

    • I know what you mean. Jake is a joy to follow, he’s truly the kindest guy ever, as celebrities go.

      If I had him on the phone I would probably stutter nonsense for the whole conversation. This guy at least managed to come back to his senses 😉

  3. Goddamn Gyllen, are you trying to kill me? I’m drooling over that last pic, you’re turning me into a horny teenager again.

    Thanks for the heads up, I’m curious to see if he keeps the beard. And by the way, you perfectly know I love it too, so what am I, Face Pet fan #what? 😉

    Lovely post, thanks (talk to you later)

    • You, a horny teenager? I can picture you horny, but teen? LMAO!!

      Anyway, his expression in that last picture is kinda hot, isn’t it?

      I now baptize you Face Pet fan #3, how does that sound? Along with that twitter guy I posted about yesterday we’re all of FOUR!

      Later, bud!

  4. I agree with DannyBoy – Last pic is amazingly hot! Love it! Thanks for good news. Many events we have with Jake lately. Something to look forward again, in a short future!
    I imagine what that lucky person from tumblr was going through, talking directely with Jake. I would be speechless. Or maybe not. He seemed extremely nice and understanding. It could help. I wonder if this is related with Broadway? 🙂
    Thank you very much for sharing those news!

    • I would LOVE for Jake to get on a stage, I’m sure he would be terrific. And OMG, that phone call! I only got to talk to Jake once and he was right in front of me and believe you me, all brain functions were, like, dead LOL

  5. Thanks for the info about him being in LA. And yep I bet he will have his face pet with him when he presents. I am glad that Jake is active in charities.

    thanks for the news.

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