Jake Gyllenhaal is in Toronto


…and since Javier Gullón, who writes the screenplay of the film, is in Toronto as well, according to one of his tweets:

Javier Gullón ‏ @JaviCome Mi templo de peregrinación en Toronto:http://pic.twitter.com/DMAHXAPT
1:42 PM – 8 Apr 12 via Photos on iOS · Embed this Tweet
…and since the Production Company of the film, Rhombus Media, has its premises in Toronto as well…
…for all the things above and below, I’M GETTING PRETTY PSYCHED.


According to this tweet

Can’t believe my babe @d3cheung surprised me with dinner table-side to Jake Gyllenhaal at Canoe. Impressive hookups! http://pic.twitter.com/AOFugoHV

…Jake was in Toronto last night.

Dare we hope, despite the fact that an official statement hasn’t been made yet, that Jake is there to start the shooting of AN ENEMY?

Watch this space for more info soon!


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