Blue Eyes in New York – Jake attended the Celebration of Paul Newman’s Dream event


Thanks to Gyllenbabble for these two videos of Jake on stage yesterday

Part I

Part II



Another footage (you can see mum Naomi too)



Have a look at this other interview/footage from yesterday’s event! (I love summer camps too, Jake!)

Serious Fun


As anticipated here and after what seems like years since, finally the day has come when we get to see Jake at a public event again. After the Berlinale, in fact – when was that again? sure seems like a century ago – and aside of the thrilling parenthesis of that addicting music video, Jake kept a low profile and has been randomly spotted in New York dining and cycling (not at the same time).

“Last night, a panoply of stars took the stage to honor Newman. Singers Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Trisha Yearwood, Josh Groban and NaTasha Yvette Williams each performed two songs, interspersed with bits by Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Jake Gyllenhaal. Donors got their money’s worth, especially with Simon giving a reworked and brilliant “Sound of Silence,” Costello doing a lesser known masterpiece, “All this Useless Beauty,” and Yearwood rocking an emotional, anthemic “Climb” with some of the camp kids on harmony. (Yearwood is really a underappreciated star.) The music was all live, and reverberated through the hallowed Hall.” 


So it’s a joy tonight to see these pictures

and an even bigger joy to read tweets all around sharing basically the same topic: Jake’s kindness. Which is not new to us fans but it sure is good to see how the rest of the world also notices that about him.

After a very long day of work, nothing beats having Jake Gyllenhaal hold the door open for you and say “after you”. #truestory

I locked eyes with Jake Gyllenhaal in the hallway. He has a great smile and his eyes r the color of the sky on a clear day. #swoon

Also, a video has just appeared on YouTube, so now we also get to hear him talk about this experience. Lots more will follow, I’m sure:

You’ll have probably noticed how I didn’t mention THE BEARD (I know I’m alone in not hating it at all). I prefer to let Jake talk about it in this interview with Conan O’Brien of last year:

Stay tuned then, more about this event will follow!


11 thoughts on “Blue Eyes in New York – Jake attended the Celebration of Paul Newman’s Dream event

  1. Hi, GC! Thanks for that link to the Serious Fun b-roll video. Love to hear Jake talk about his own camp experience and why he admires Paul Newman.

    On a separate note, I’m so tired of hearing people whine about the beard!

  2. Hey Sarah!

    Jesus, If I had a cent for every complaint I read about his beard I’d be a millionaire.

    I loved to hear him talk about his summer camps, too.

    I actually loved to hear him talk, period.

  3. Hey,

    You sure were busy today!

    Might be just the two of us loving him with the beard. And I wouldn’t mind sharing him with you, you know that LOL

    Anyway, great post as usual.

    Talk to you later.

  4. I’m going to whine about the beard, so there! 😛 I still like to see that face under that scruff. BUT anyway, he looks great last night. I am glad that Naomi went with him, she knew Paul too. He looked like he had a great time and I guess we get a hint at future events he will be doing, trying to get gardens in those camps. Working with Edible Schoolyard.

    There has been no confirmation, at least that I know of, that he is going to be doing the Double movie.

    Jake you need to go back to making movies 😀

    enough soul cycling.

    I also wonder what happened to Atticus?

    • Hey Linda,

      I know you’re among those who don’t like his facial hair 🙂 Nothing wrong about it, it’s just a matter of tastes, what I don’t like is the constant whining about it at each and every picture of him. What also bugs me is people judgying his mood by the length of his beard. It’s silly, really. Like Jake said in that funny interview with Conan, the beard is only the natural result of not shaving 🙂

    • Sorry, I forgot to add that as far as I know there hasn’t been an official confirmation of him starring in An Enemy. Fingers crossed!

      No idea about Atticus, either.

  5. It’s been busy and exciting day for Jake’s blogers, hasn’t it? We don’t have too many days like that lately.
    IMO Jake now looks like history professor! Doesn’t he? 🙂 Now he only has to sign agreement and start to make a movie!
    Look at the colours of his hair and beard, it’s a few of them. Hair is very long. Bit more time and we will got Dastan’s style. Would be great.
    I liked what Jimmy Fallon said about his childhood in front of TV, no camps at all. It was touching.

  6. Hi mermon,

    Yeah, days like these are rare and precious. I’m sure there’ll be more though when Jake starts promoting End of Watch and hopefully An Enemy. My fingers have been crossed since that day Variety gave the news.

    I love both his long hair and the beard. I might have mentioned it before here and there LOL

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