Jake Gyllenhaal’s love for music and his THREE music videos.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s love for music is not a secret. Chances to spot him listening to his inseparable iPod are very high…

…but what makes his interest in music also interesting to his fans is that – bless him – he likes to appear in music videos.

The sensation generated by the latest one is amazing, 900.000 people (and counting) have watched it on YouTube since its release only 4 days ago and it’s still a hot topic on Twitter and Facebook. I myself can’t help but watch it every chance I get (try obsessed with it), but let’s not forget that Jake did THREE music videos.

Here they are, if you want to freshen your memory:

Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain BLAME IT 

Vampire Weekend GIVING UP THE GUN


You might also know that Jake doesn’t restrict himself to listening to music but he also likes to play. See if you can spot him in the video below with best buddies Marcus Mumford and his pals, aka Mumford and Sons (amazing, amazing band).

Here’s a hint

Last but not least, you can hear Jake talk about his hot music picks in this interview with E!News’ Ben Lyons while he was promoting Source Code at the SXSW last year. He also mentions Adele, but that’s food for another post.


6 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal’s love for music and his THREE music videos.

  1. It’s funny – most stories about the Shoes video mentioned only Jake’s appearance in the Vampire Weekend video. Everyone forgot about Jamie Foxx.

    I’ve loved all the buzz generated from the video. Now I want to hear about a new movie role!

    • That’s the reason why I thought I’d freshen people’s memory about it! As for a new movie role, I’m still hoping that the reason why he backed out of Motor City is that he’s in for something new. I just wish he’d let us know!

      Thanks for stopping by, Sarah!

  2. Thank you SO much for putting all these videos in one place. I really liked the Vampire Weekend and his talk with Ben Lyons (they always seemed to have so much fun together.

    • Yeah, I noticed everybody was mentioning only the Vampire Weekend vid so I thought I’d post all of them.

      The Shoes vid is still my favorite (I might have already mentioned that I’m obsessed with it, just once or twice)


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