What’s Bret Easton Ellis (and Patrick Bateman) got to do with Jake Gyllenhaal?

For those of you who have been following Twitter these past three days the question is easily answered, but there are people out there who don’t have a Twitter account (as crazy as it sounds) and missed all the fun that started on Monday at noon with the release of the powerful Time to Dance video feat. Jake Gyllenhaal, or even people who do have a Twitter account but lost themselves in the middle of the hundreds of tweets jumping everywhere and making #JakeGyllenhaal and #TheShoes a Top Trend in France and UK. Anyway, this post stems from this tweet and this one, which are still making my hair stand on end and grin at the same time.

As you know, in this 8’35” long video Jake Gyllenhaal plays a serial psycho-killer who spends time hitting gyms, discos, barber shops and café during the day and slaughtering hipsters at night. If you don’t know who Bret Easton Ellis is this won’t probably ring any bell. Ellis is a rather transgressive, post-modern writer who got an incredible and controversial success with the utterly disturbing book American Psycho. I remember the months before it was published, it was 1991 (nope, no Twitter or anything even remotely comparable to that, folks, it was just the old slow word of mouth), when the publisher withdrew from the project. I had almost lost hope of ever being able to read this book when luckily another, more daring publisher took on where the other left and the world had the questionable pleasure to meet Patrick Bateman, a

wealthy young investment banker […]. Bateman, in his late 20s when the story begins, narrates his everyday activities, from his recreational life among the Wall Street elite of New York to his forays into murder by nightfall.  

Any bell ringing, now?

The morbid, detailed description of Patrick’s rapes, tortures, murders not to talk about his necrophilia is not just disturbing, it’s nauseating and sickening but there’s something in that book that screams “keep reading”, you can’t put it down (or at least I couldn’t) even if you try to, and I did. I even managed to hold on for a week but had to go back to it after a few days. I thought that if I didn’t I would have had nightmares about Patrick for as long as I lived. When a film adaptation was announced, I knew that I would never, ever go see it and I kept my word.

I had known Bret Easton Ellis and fell in love with his writing from his debut novel Less Than Zero and the following The Rules of Attraction. Coincidentally, last week I rented the film adaptation of Rules of Attraction, which I still have to watch, and decided to trace him on Twitter and push the “follow” button…Now, who would have thought that in just a few days I would have read two tweets from him, one of my favorite authors, praising my favorite actor? 

Unbelievable. The wonders of Twitter and the net.

Don’t forget to take my survey on whether you would like a dark role for Jake in the future!

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4 thoughts on “What’s Bret Easton Ellis (and Patrick Bateman) got to do with Jake Gyllenhaal?

  1. Hey, I am one of those who does NOT have twitter. I think joining FB was enough for me. I did hear about the popular trend out there and saw some comments. I am not into the gore genre, but I can appreciate Jake for trying something new for him. He hadn’t played a dark character since Donnie Darko. So many people still remember him for that role. I remember watching a video recently, an interview he did when he was promoting LAOD in Australia. One reporter had a Donnie Darko DVD and Jake signed it for him.

    I’d wouldn’t mind seeing him as a bad guy but I’d probably pass watching a project that was too gory for me.

  2. Hey Linda,

    There’s nothing wrong with not having a Twitter account, I was kidding 🙂 As for Jake going too gory I have my doubts. Horror movies sure have a dedicated audience but I don’t think Jake is really interested. What I think is that he was probably sick with people thinking of him as the good, soft-hearted, romantic boy. Maybe the new agency was testing the waters to see if a change of image, not necessarily gory or too bad, would be welcome. I think it would.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. That was very interesting read! I didn’t know who Bret Easton Ellis is, never heard about him. I never watched American Psycho, I’m not sure I would like to, after what I read about that. But I understand your excitement about those two tweets. That means Jake was very convincing as a psycho and appreciated. Not that I had any doubts. 😉

    • Hi mermon,

      Yeah, I got pretty excited about that. I’m glad that you found my post interesting, I was wondering whether people knew why Jake was compared to Patrick Bateman. I never wanted to watch that film, but I wouldn’t mind Jake playing a bad ass, he sure gave a rather convincing proof that he can be that!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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