Survey: would you like a dark role for Jake Gyllenhaal in a future film?

I’ve been following comments from all around the globe (Twitter has literally exploded) on Jake’s incredible portrayal of a killing machine in The Shoes’ Time To Dance music vid. I’m glad to report that most of them are enthusiastic, but a few people expressed their utter dislike of it, its indisputable violence being a big no-no.

So, while I was trying to follow all the crazy tweets that started at exactly noon yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a sort of test that Jake and his agency did to see if a darker role would be met with a favorable response; hence the idea of this survey. I’m very curious to know what you all think. Needless to say, I’ll vote for a big fat YES, DEFINITELY. And if Twitter really is the widely recognized mirror of what strikes people’s fancy, then I’ll say GO AHEAD Jake.


12 thoughts on “Survey: would you like a dark role for Jake Gyllenhaal in a future film?

  1. absolutely yesssssssssss i find him great in this video and i really hope to see him in a movie in a role like this.. ithink it will be a good opportunity for him to test himself in a different kind of role… i really hope that this will happen

  2. i thought he did a great job and i’m so glad he’s getting good reviews, but i don’t care for this sort of thing in general and so i wouldn’t care to see him in a role of similar nature in a movie. i wouldn’t mind seeming him play a good guy with a dark side or who to do violent things, but i prefer him on the good side. 🙂

    • Hiya Jane,

      It’s interesting to read what people think about it, I’m glad I decided to put that survey here. I’m particularly glad to read that even if some people don’t care for that kind of violent stuff, they unanimously praise Jake’s interpretation. This makes me really happy.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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