Much ado about nothing: Jake backs out of Motor City

Well it was good till it lasted but it looks like scheduling issues made Jake back out from the Motor City project. All in all, I can’t say I’m relieved. All this talk about him first in the project and immediately after out of it doesn’t help his reputation of being a difficult actor EDITED TO ADD >>>(shared by common people and not by those who count, namely directors, producers and the like).<<< We’ll never know the true reasons behind this sudden change of plan but I think WME should make a public announcement to prevent more unpleasant rumors about Jake’s attitude.

It looked good there for a day but Jake Gyllenhaal’s deal to star in the Albert Hughes-directed Motor Cityhas veered off the road.  Talks fell apart, over scheduling, I hear. The actor wanted to push the dates and financier Dark Castle did not.


I may be overly optimistic, but I hope Jake’s real reason behind this decision is that some other project came up. Fingers crossed.


4 thoughts on “Much ado about nothing: Jake backs out of Motor City

  1. Hey GC! I don’t think Jake does have a reputation as difficult. That’s something that gets spread around be people who don’t like him. Yes, he has gotten flak for his Fincher comments and when he did TDAT, he over thought things. But honestly, that isn’t something we’ve heard about Jake except in comments on blogs from people who don’t like him.

    If it is true that he has that rep, I’d like more evidence than that. I’m not mindlessly fingerling. I am the first to admit Jake’s career is stalled. But I don’t know if we can assume the reason is his bad rep.

    This is UV, by the way 🙂

    • Hey Sarah,

      I know and you’re right, but I keep stumbling across people who say the same things about him and it’s bugging me to no end. Either it is true or not, you know better than I do that a rumor spread can become a sticky reality that gets attached to your name no matter what.

      I don’t want that for Jake, I have a feeling that he’s got his hands full and unfortunately I’m not talking about projects.

      Thanks for stopping by, good to see you here 🙂

  2. “The actor wanted to push the dates and financier Dark Castle did not.” – I don’t see anything wrong here. That’s a second actor asking for pushing the dates. if they want to have a star in a movie they should be more elastic. If they will be that strict, they may have to push the date anyway, not having any actor to play John Miller. We don’t know anything about how far were those talks between Jake or his management and them. I think that whoever spread the news did it too early. It was not Jake for sure. It ‘s not his fault some hopes awoke in us. Making movie it’s a deal between two sides – actor and movie’s company. They have to set many things up. Sometimes they make a deal, sometimes not.
    We need to have a bigger faith in Jake’s common sense and love for acting. We don’t know what happened, he could be even not very well and needed time to cure.
    Anyway I look forward for real news about his next project.

    • I totally agree, mermon. And like I said in a comment I posted somewhere else, there are probably reasons behind this change of plans that we’ll never know about. Jake is not a green in the movie system, he knows his way through those tricky paths and I have faith in his judgment.

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