A little necessary extra about Jake backing out of Motor City

Tweets have been backing and forthing (mine included) these past two days about Jake’s alleged new role in Motor City and his sudden change of plans. I recently called the Internet a bottomless place for speculation and I have many reasons to stick to that definition. The commotion stirred up by the breaking news about a new role for Jake deserves this attempt of clarification, because as it’s always the case when a celebrity and the web are involved things get easily out of hand.

I think we should all take a step back and reconsider what happened. Jake was never a given fact for this new project, he was “in talk”, which means nothing was settled. What people said afterwards, things that I won’t bother to repeat but basically involving Jake being a lazy spoiled brat, is absolutely groundless and gratuitous.

Like Mr. Douglas Urbanski commented here

“Gyllenhaal was never set for this film. There were talks. He was not available on the dates. That’s it. I am amazed at all the crazy and inaccurate reportage on this one. If anyone had asked at any point, I would have been happy to tell them!”

Comment by Douglas Urbanski — Friday March 9, 2012 @ 12:24am EST

Douglas Urbanski is the executive producer of Motor City as well as a business partner with Gary Oldman. Jake was not available, which can mean everything and nothing. I still have hopes that he has some other project in hand that’s keeping him busy but whatever the reason, I have faith in his judgment and I chose to have faith in his new agency as well, at least until it proves me wrong.

I’m sure Jake has new thrilling surprises in store, just wait and see. All’s good, folks, keep smiling.


6 thoughts on “A little necessary extra about Jake backing out of Motor City

  1. “There were talks. He was not available on the dates. That’s it.” I read it one more time. That’s what I think.
    They made appointment with Jake to talk about him being cast in the movie. Some people knew about it. They started to discuss terms, including time. As I imagine, both side needed some time to make decision. In the meantime someone spread the news about negotiations. They couldn’t agree on terms and talks were over. But the news spread on, starting a fire, then bad, ugly comments appeared.
    I think that if Jake would be really attracted to the script, he would stand on his eyelashes to get the role= find time for that. Remember how active he was in SC making, finding and convincing Duncan Jones? Cause he loved the script. Probably here it wasn’t a case.

    • That’s probably how it went, mermon, I agree. Too bad rumors spread like a catching disease but there’s nothing we can do about it other than take them with a grain of salt. And all in all we’re not doing a bad job 🙂

  2. It doesn’t take much for something to go viral on the net. He was ‘talking’ about doing the role, there was no formal agreement. This happens all the time with actors. They either are approached to do a role or they see a script they think they’d like to do and negotiations start but anything can happen during that process at any point. There have been plenty of last min drop outs. That is how Heath got a role in “I’m not There” he was not up for any roles at all. He was on the set because Michelle was in the movie and he was showing his support and watching Matilda. An actor dropped out at the 11th hour and Todd Hayes (the director) asked if Heath could step into the role and he agreed.

    That is the best part of the whole movie, Heath.

    • Yes, I remember how things went with Heath and “I’m not there”‘ and I guess it happens all the time. Speculation and gossip are unfortunately integral part of the whole movie business thing and all we fans can do is take them with a grain of salt. At least us fans.

  3. I didn’t know that story about Heath Ledger in “I’m not there”. Thanks for sharing. What you said is so true and obvious. All the more I’m surprise that Jake’s backing out met so many negative reactions. Completely nonsense.
    By the way, liking Bob Dylan, I didn’t see that movie. Did you like it?

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