Berlinale#3 – the closing ceremony

After 10 days in Berlin doing his duty as part of the Berlinale 2012 international jury, Jake Gyllenhaal looks happy. It could well be from the relief of being finally released from his cage from where he watched films, presumably both very good and very bad, non-stop but I have the feeling that what made him really happy is the fact that during these 10 days he worked hard along with some virtuoso cinema directors and actors, thus having the opportunity not only to show that he’s not just a pretty face but also that his ideas and his opinions count and that coming from Hollywood is not as bad a thing as many snooty critics seem to think.

I think that his happy smile in the picture below, presenting the lovely Rachel Mwanza the Silver Bear for best actress, shows how happy he is to give a prize to someone he probably spent a long time discussing about with the other jurists and maybe sincerely rooted for.

On a lighter note, Jake and Charlotte Gainsbourg seem to have clicked from the very start and who knows, maybe a friendship is born.

Jake never neglects his fans.

I hope there will be soon an interview where Jake will tell us about his experience in Berlin. I don’t know why but I have a good feeling about it, I’m sure that despite the bad start with the press conference Jake enjoyed his stay and every moment spent with his fellow jurists. I also hope that during these 10 days Jake caught the attention of one or more of the many directors present at the festival and soon gets called to star in one of their future films. Like, maybe, François Ozon?

…or the wonderful Taviani brothers (congratulations, by the way, for a wonderful film and a much deserved prize!)

Anyway, have a safe trip home, Jake and thank you for your dedication and hard work for the Berlinale this year!

Thanks to IHJ for the pictures, there are many more there!


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