Happy Birthday Jake Gyllenhaal


As it’s become a tradition for this (shamefully neglected) website, on the day our man was born I make a post with the latest pictures of Jake with fans, as a reminder to us (and him, should he ever google himself and find this place) of how happy he makes people. I’ll add some shots from new/old photo-shoots just because I haven’t updated in forever and this place needs some ‘fresh air’. It also needs me to have a private life again so I could update more often than once in a blue moon but hey, new year’s resolutions and all that. 

So here’s to you, dearest Jake, Happy 34th from this very-crazy-Gyllen

Keep loving life and never stop dreaming

I’m also very glad to add the first publicity still from Everest, just to rejoice at the sight of The Beard
(which I noticed is nicely growing back, by the way)


And a couple more, from the play Constellations (previews currently on Broadway). Gorgeous shots.




Last but not least, Happy Holidays folks!

I hope that 2015 is good to you

Jake Gyllenhaal – Southpaw Synopsis

A new synopsis for Southpaw, Jake’s new film about to be shot in Pennsylvania, has been released:

“Cocky, aggressive, volatile middleweight champion Billy Hope (Mr. Gyllenhaal) fully expects to ride out his career with his massive winnings, adoring fans, beloved wife, Maureen, and their 10-year-old daughter, Leila.

When Billy’s temper triggers a fight and then a shootout that leaves Maureen dead, Billy finds his life spiraling out of control. After he loses his house, money and then, Leila, to a group foster home, he begins to find his way back to some kind of balance with the help of amateur trainer Titus “Tick” Willis.

Tick has his own demons but he proves to be the perfect trainer to make Billy a better fighter, man and father. Forest Whitaker has been rumored for Tick but no casting for the role has been confirmed.” 

Remember that you can still try to be an extra.


A propos of this, for those of you who want to know more about James Baldwin’s life and writing, don’t miss this amazing article from The New Yorker I’ve just found. 

Last but not least, not sure if this is a new interview (I doubt it) but if there’s someone out there willing to translate from Dutch they’re welcome to share. Thank you!


I kind of like this caricature.

Color Caricature by Marzio Mariani - Digital painting

Color Caricature by Marzio Mariani – Digital painting

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Biceps

I know what you’re all thinking. Something along the lines of ‘huh?’, ‘the hell?’, ‘seriously? we’re all talking about what he did and GC comes out with what, biceps?!’

Well yes, biceps. Because I don’t even want to mention what the rest of the world has been shouting for joy about these past two days, I’m that brokenhearted.

Just kidding.


Luckily that glorious, manly, soft (oh yes I’m sure it was soft *sigh*), rebellious Beard that Jake dared to shave off *gasps* usually grows back quickly so it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing how long he’ll resist the submission to the daily routine of *gasps * shaving.

And anyway, among the myriad of tweets and FB and Instagrams and blogs and forum posts and all other means of information-sharing, carrier pigeons included, no one and I mean no-one deigned to mention that something else had grown along with what Jake shamelessly disposed of *gasps* and that’s…his biceps.  OK, will you look again at this and forget about his chin for a moment? See? biceps. Capital B-iceps. That’s all I want to focus on and I’ll ignore the rest until I finish sulking (I usually act more maturely than this but I’m traumatized and therefore entitled to be silly).

This rather idiotic post is obviously just an excuse to celebrate something that I’m already missing, with the hope that it’ll return back where it belongs soon, namely on Jake’s face. I mean, honestly folks, what’s there NOT to like?

Not to talk about these very good points (which my friend Sasha kindly shared with me)


Look, it’s not like I would kick Det. Loki out of my bed, I’m not THAT idiotic.


Especially if he resembles Jack Twist so much

Speaking of Jack Twist, I got chills down my spine reading about the boots Jake wore and apparently brought home from the set of Brokeback Mountain: ‘It didn’t feel right to leave them’, he said. Shame on me that I didn’t know about this.


Jake Gyllenhaal ‘In Conversation’


POST UPDATED with the glorious 86′ minutes-long video of the event. Thanks to GYLLENBABBLE who first got wind of this incredible treat and kindly PM’d me the link a couple of days ago. I’m sure you’ll be willing to read this book after hearing Jake read a particularly sensual passage…But seriously, ‘Another Country’ should be on everybody’s bookshelf.



Yesterday night Jake Gyllenhaal and writer Colm Tòibìn were at Columbia University for a celebration of essayist, playwright, iconic writer James Baldwin, and a reading of his masterpiece ‘Another Country’. How I wish I were there. I hope someone caught in on tape, it must have been an inspiring, thought-provoking conversation. And if you haven’t read this book please do so.  ‘Giovanni’s Room’ was one of my favorite books until I read ‘Another Country’, which blew my mind and had me thinking about it for a long time. So much food for thought.

normal_005 Plot summary, from wikipedia

The first fifth of Another Country tells of the downfall of jazz drummer Rufus Scott. Rufus begins a relationship with Leona, a white woman from the South and introduces her to his social circle, including his closest friend, the struggling novelist Vivaldo, his more successful mentor Richard, and Richard’s wife Cass. Although the relationship is initially frivolous, it turns more serious as they continue to live together. Rufus becomes habitually physically abusive of Leona and she is eventually committed to a mental hospital in the South. Rufus returns to Harlem in a deep depression and commits suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge.


The rest of the book explores relationships between Rufus’s friends, family, and acquaintances in the wake of his death.Rufus’ friends cannot understand the suicide, and experience some guilt over his death. Afterwards they become closer. Vivaldo begins a relationship with Rufus’ sister Ida, which is strained by racial tension and Ida’s bitterness after her brother’s death.


Eric, Rufus’s first male lover and an actor, returns to New York after years living in France where he met his longtime lover Yves. Eric returns to the novel’s social circle but is more calm and composed than most of the clique.


Everyone’s relationships become strained in the course of the novel. Ida starts having an affair with Ellis, an advertising executive who promises to help with her career as a singer. Cass, who has become lonely due to Richard’s writing career, has an affair with Eric after he arrives in New York. At the novel’s climax, Cass tells Richard about her affair with Eric, Eric and Vivaldo have a sexual encounter, and Vivaldo learns about Ida’s relationship with Ellis. The book uses a third-person narrator who is nevertheless close with the characters’ emotions.

20140502-165127.jpg This from a Tumblr user

so my buddies and I saw Jake Gyllenhaal tonight when he was talking about James Baldwin here and we walked him to his car and complained about UWriting and overall it was perfect he is beautiful forever fangirling 

Some ~quotes~

“I am speaking from an artist’s perspective” (I died)

“I’m probably the least intelligent person that ever attended Columbia” trust me bb you aren’t 


quote-it-is-certain-in-any-case-that-ignorance-allied-with-power-is-the-most-ferocious-enemy-justice-james-baldwin-10760 (1)


PHAMOUS NOBODY$ – Jake Gyllenhaal is getting ready to fight

I don’t care for boxing and Jake’s next film Southpaw is not one I’m looking forward to (sorry Jake) but these photos taken in Las Vegas where apparently our guy is spending some time trying out his fists and watching boxers on the ring are worth a post. My friend The Beard looks trimmed. Not so much the hair but the bear look is gone and he looks as handsome as ever. 20140413-220123.jpg 20140413-220140.jpg 20140413-220152.jpg 20140413-220229.jpg 20140413-220209.jpg 20140413-220419.jpg

Jake Gyllenhaal and The Beard in Madrid – Eureka’s Account

(scroll down for a video from yesterday night)

Back to the story.

Yesterday I told her that I hated here21e05088cc8fc1f0e8fb10edb93a51e. I was just kidding, of course. She had just tweeted me from Madrid that a full bearded Jake Gyllenhaal had arrived at the theater where Enemy would be shortly premiering. Today she sent me her account of one of the most exciting evenings of her life served with photos and a hilarious short video she took of a taped Denis presenting Jake and the man himself presenting the film. Today I’ll say that again–I hate you Eureka.

Just kidding, of course.

Here’s the story of a great night from a true fan: thank you for sharing it with me, Eureka. I know how it is to see Jake in person, it’s an experience that leaves you with a strange thrilling sensation, like having goosebumps every time you think about it. It takes a while to fade away and it’s amazing.



Yesterday was such a busy and fun day for me.Jake was back to Madrid to present Enemy the movie. From the moment I knew I would have the chance to see hin live again I was really excited and looking forward to see him my secod time. Last time and my first time ever was in April 2011. See here: http://tinyurl.com/pvy3jfu and here http://tinyurl.com/owmk47f This time I won 2 tickets to see the movie and see him presenting it. I took my sister with me. She’s not a Gyllenhaal fan. But she was there to support me. And have a fun time.

I arrived really early to the cinema and there was already a queue of photographers and many girls awaiting.

BjMRJDAIIAAni0ZFinally they let the photographers come in and I was let in after asking. Again waited inside the cinema for Jake to arrive. In them mean time some girls commented whether if Jake would come with full bear or maybe clean shaven, had he cut his hair….? Fun to hear all those comments. Others were profesional photographers and were more interested in whether he would arrive on time or not. Cause it was late in the day. Of course I didn’t mind the waiting….


Then we heard the cheer outdoors and see the cameras flashes lights. And we knew he was here. When he entered the corridor first he stopped with the TV reporters and spend a good time with them answering their questions. I took some blurry photos. Awaiting for him to move down the line to the photocall spot. He was fully bearded [GC: YAY!] (bad luck for me good luck for others) and with a hair bun.



When he moved there, one guy organizer warned the photographers (me :o) too) that he had some ailment in his eyes and that they should shoot for photos 3 secs and then stop and then go at it again. I think this can explain why some tweeps commented on him looking sad or tired. Nevertheless he was so charming and handsome as I remembered him. I did my best with the camera. Photo session was so short…… He wore a very nice blue suit and the brown shoes. I couldn’t help but smile… Some of you reading this (Gyllenfriends) you know why…


Then I run into the cinema room where my sister had kept me a place. Both the spanish movie producer (Miguel Angel Faura) and script writer (Javier Gullón) were already in the movie theatre stage and introduced themselves. They introduced a video with Denis Villeneuve I captured. Soo funy. And right after the video there came Jake down one of the theatre aisles up the stairs to the stage.

He had really warm and thankful words for the spanish movie team and the producers. And said, as you will see in the video, that is movie was his best work ever.


He moved on to say this was one of the strangest movies he had ever made. And I couldn’t help it and yelled ‘Donnie Darko’ and he replied ‘Yes, that one too’. Hey! he replied to me.

[GC: That’s not captured in the video but Eureka will be sending the full version soon]


Later he said he did not know which character we would identify more with if Adam or Anthony. Perhaps Anthony was more likeable for us Spaniards and here I went again I yelled ‘Yesss’, and he laughed, and audience laughed. So yes basically I was the only one in the audince saying something to him. Ha,Ha. Really I felt like I was having a conversation with me. Sounds crazy, but hey. I’m a die hard fan. As many as you are. And my only occasion to interact with him, even if it was in this ackward way and he couldn’t see me in the darknress of the room. It sure felt good!

[GC: That’s freaking amazing]

Know you all know my lovely voice. ;o)


I won’t comment about the movie as so many of you have not had the chance yet to see it. I’ll just say is worth to watch but hard to get…

Bye Jake! See you soon in Madrid again.


And I didn’t want to end this chronicle without remembering a very dear Gyllenfriend, whom I miss so much and would have been so excited for me like you: Marzena AKA Mermon in the internet.

[GC: amen]


Thank you again, Eureka.

Watch this video to have an idea of the excited atmosphere and see Jake interact with people and fans. 


90′ with Jake Gyllenhaal

To overcome the disappointment for neither Jakes winning an award for Enemy at the Canadian Screen Awards (but Canadians thought its Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Music and Actress in a Supporting Role deserved them, which is great but, really? practically an award for everything and everybody BUT Jake?) I’ll lick my wounds by listening to him for 90 solid minutes in this interview recorded in November 2013 for the Sag Awards Foundation. Enjoy.

(hey Canadians? these two deserved that Award)



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