PHAMOUS NOBODY$ – Jake Gyllenhaal is getting ready to fight

I don’t care for boxing and Jake’s next film Southpaw is not one I’m looking forward to (sorry Jake) but these photos taken in Las Vegas where apparently our guy is spending some time trying out his fists and watching boxers on the ring are worth a post. My friend The Beard looks trimmed. Not so much the hair but the bear look is gone and he looks as handsome as ever. 20140413-220123.jpg 20140413-220140.jpg 20140413-220152.jpg 20140413-220229.jpg 20140413-220209.jpg 20140413-220419.jpg

Jake Gyllenhaal and The Beard in Madrid – Eureka’s Account

(scroll down for a video from yesterday night)

Back to the story.

Yesterday I told her that I hated here21e05088cc8fc1f0e8fb10edb93a51e. I was just kidding, of course. She had just tweeted me from Madrid that a full bearded Jake Gyllenhaal had arrived at the theater where Enemy would be shortly premiering. Today she sent me her account of one of the most exciting evenings of her life served with photos and a hilarious short video she took of a taped Denis presenting Jake and the man himself presenting the film. Today I’ll say that again–I hate you Eureka.

Just kidding, of course.

Here’s the story of a great night from a true fan: thank you for sharing it with me, Eureka. I know how it is to see Jake in person, it’s an experience that leaves you with a strange thrilling sensation, like having goosebumps every time you think about it. It takes a while to fade away and it’s amazing.



Yesterday was such a busy and fun day for me.Jake was back to Madrid to present Enemy the movie. From the moment I knew I would have the chance to see hin live again I was really excited and looking forward to see him my secod time. Last time and my first time ever was in April 2011. See here: and here This time I won 2 tickets to see the movie and see him presenting it. I took my sister with me. She’s not a Gyllenhaal fan. But she was there to support me. And have a fun time.

I arrived really early to the cinema and there was already a queue of photographers and many girls awaiting.

BjMRJDAIIAAni0ZFinally they let the photographers come in and I was let in after asking. Again waited inside the cinema for Jake to arrive. In them mean time some girls commented whether if Jake would come with full bear or maybe clean shaven, had he cut his hair….? Fun to hear all those comments. Others were profesional photographers and were more interested in whether he would arrive on time or not. Cause it was late in the day. Of course I didn’t mind the waiting….


Then we heard the cheer outdoors and see the cameras flashes lights. And we knew he was here. When he entered the corridor first he stopped with the TV reporters and spend a good time with them answering their questions. I took some blurry photos. Awaiting for him to move down the line to the photocall spot. He was fully bearded [GC: YAY!] (bad luck for me good luck for others) and with a hair bun.



When he moved there, one guy organizer warned the photographers (me :o) too) that he had some ailment in his eyes and that they should shoot for photos 3 secs and then stop and then go at it again. I think this can explain why some tweeps commented on him looking sad or tired. Nevertheless he was so charming and handsome as I remembered him. I did my best with the camera. Photo session was so short…… He wore a very nice blue suit and the brown shoes. I couldn’t help but smile… Some of you reading this (Gyllenfriends) you know why…


Then I run into the cinema room where my sister had kept me a place. Both the spanish movie producer (Miguel Angel Faura) and script writer (Javier Gullón) were already in the movie theatre stage and introduced themselves. They introduced a video with Denis Villeneuve I captured. Soo funy. And right after the video there came Jake down one of the theatre aisles up the stairs to the stage.

He had really warm and thankful words for the spanish movie team and the producers. And said, as you will see in the video, that is movie was his best work ever.


He moved on to say this was one of the strangest movies he had ever made. And I couldn’t help it and yelled ‘Donnie Darko’ and he replied ‘Yes, that one too’. Hey! he replied to me.

[GC: That's not captured in the video but Eureka will be sending the full version soon]


Later he said he did not know which character we would identify more with if Adam or Anthony. Perhaps Anthony was more likeable for us Spaniards and here I went again I yelled ‘Yesss’, and he laughed, and audience laughed. So yes basically I was the only one in the audince saying something to him. Ha,Ha. Really I felt like I was having a conversation with me. Sounds crazy, but hey. I’m a die hard fan. As many as you are. And my only occasion to interact with him, even if it was in this ackward way and he couldn’t see me in the darknress of the room. It sure felt good!

[GC: That's freaking amazing]

Know you all know my lovely voice. ;o)


I won’t comment about the movie as so many of you have not had the chance yet to see it. I’ll just say is worth to watch but hard to get…

Bye Jake! See you soon in Madrid again.


And I didn’t want to end this chronicle without remembering a very dear Gyllenfriend, whom I miss so much and would have been so excited for me like you: Marzena AKA Mermon in the internet.

[GC: amen]


Thank you again, Eureka.

Watch this video to have an idea of the excited atmosphere and see Jake interact with people and fans. 


90′ with Jake Gyllenhaal

To overcome the disappointment for neither Jakes winning an award for Enemy at the Canadian Screen Awards (but Canadians thought its Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Music and Actress in a Supporting Role deserved them, which is great but, really? practically an award for everything and everybody BUT Jake?) I’ll lick my wounds by listening to him for 90 solid minutes in this interview recorded in November 2013 for the Sag Awards Foundation. Enjoy.

(hey Canadians? these two deserved that Award)



Jake Gyllenhaal: When in Rome…

Updated to add link to a new interview for Indiewire.

A few excerpts:

I walked into “Enemy” without having read the book on which its based. I watched it as a straight up thriller until that final shot that upended everything I had seen up that point. I left this film feeling not played, but dumb. Did you get the film upon the first read?

You’re not in the select echelon of people.

I knew what Denis was going for. All I need is like an anchor, conceptually, emotionally, and he explained to me what he wanted the movie to be about. You know, he wrote a bit of a manifesto and he said, “Before you read the script, this is what I want the movie to be about. I want it to be about intimacy, struggle with identity, searching for your own and how that gets mixed up with being intimate, romantically, sexually, all those things.”

I love that idea of someone being split. Trying to kind of find their way and commit to in the end… a real relationship with his wife, who is pregnant with their child. You know, that’s to me what the movie was about. To me, that was the beautiful hopeful ending, that I thought, “Okay, that’s where he’s moving towards.” Now the irony of it is, and I don’t know if this is a spoiler, the end is cyclical because no matter what we commit to in what we decide we want our lives to be, there’s always the biological, psychological aspects that will torment us at times. You know, there’s always that snake. The snake doesn’t go away, you know what I mean? It’s always in the corner of the woods, you just need to know where it is, so you don’t step on it again. You can walk around it. And I think that’s the idea of the movie to me. There’s a lot of other shit there too.

But very simply, Denis said, “This is a movie about being a man in a relationship. and the fear and the relief in a certain type of commitment.”I was like, “Ahh, i love that idea!”


In both “Prisoners” and this, you have so much going on beneath the surface — they’re performances that stick with you. It’s no coincidence they’re my two favorite performances of yours. You seem to be digging deeper than ever before in your work. Is that due to what Denis asks of you, or did you just come to a realization of sorts?

Yeah. I feel a desperate need to bring that to everything that I do. And I feel that every interaction that I have, be it in the interaction that we’re having now, or I go out on the street, whoever I see, whoever I meet, in my life, my friends, the people I love, my family… each on of those things in between each project I do is an accumulation of an experience and I want to put all those things, even if it correlates to the movie I’m doing or not. It’s all inside me, it’s how I grow. So, I don’t want deny that stuff and then go and make a movie. I want to take all that stuff with me and put it into the experience I’m having. And that’s a decision I made, I started to realize, “That moves me. Oh, I detest that. Oh…” Whatever it is, and bring it in to the performances. I think you get to a certain age where you start doing that and you’re no longer feeling that.. I don’t know (Laughs).

So I’m seeing more of you in every performance now.

I think so. I think so… I mean, I’ve become a lot more obsessed with the specificity of characters and like you said, my work, the choices I make, also being on stage was a really big evolution for me. Getting back on stage last year, I will again next year, to me, being a part of… I don’t know… I just feel more alive in what I’m doing. [GC: on stage AGAIN? now that's some news!]

I can’t explain it in any way, except the relationships I make with the people I make movies with matters to me the most and how we interact. I’m about to go do this movie about Everest with Baltasar Kormakur, directing the movie, and I know the relationship we have there, like, we will explore. I will listen to him and what he needs and then I’ll go into unknown territory for him as a result. I don’t now what that’s about. I don’t know what happened. I just know I went like, “Oh, now’s the time.” There’s no other time but now to go do it. I’m going to make a bold choice and if someone doesn’t want it they can cut it out.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Original Post

We’ve got a bunch of new juicy stuff to sink our teeth into and honestly, you sadists at the ENEMY promotion desks, can you tease us a little more?

Anyway, first things first: when in Rome do as the Romans do

Which was meant for the Roman Empire but actually means that when in Rome you’ve got to sit on sidewalks


Or maybe it means that in Rome you can dress like this and get away with it


(OK maybe this has nothing to do with Ancient Romans and Jake is just shooting a film based on a tragic EVEREST expedition at the Cinecittà Studios, although why not shooting near actual mountains like someone from the crew and cast did on the Alps is beyond me)


We’ve got a teaser trailer (see sadists remark above) and a new featurette

The trailer is slightly NSFW (we can see a gorgeous tit but alas, no Jake’s cheeks and no I’m not talking about his face)

Featurette #2: The Women of ENEMY


We’ve got a gorgeous photoshoot and new interview for the Man of The World magazine (excerpt beneath the gallery)

“It’s taken me a long time in my career to realize that you can’t be good at everything. You sometimes have to give something up. There are limits,” the 33-year-old movie star says. “I do care about the stories people want to tell. But then I want to get back to my honest self for the directors I work with.”

Gyllenhaal believes it’s important to set boundaries at the very beginning. “The movie business is largely just stuffing actors in this place, and this place and this place,” he says, noting that he typically takes time off to regroup between projects. “But it’s time in your life that you can’t have back.” (you can pre-order issue #7 here)


We’ve got new on-set photos (thanks to IHJ as always)

The next one is actually funny. If we didn’t know better one would think that Jake and Isabella Rossellini were ordering lunch with Denis Villeneuve waiting the table

008 (9)


We’ve got an ENEMY official website that looks very grey and very useless


(I know you’ve clicked everywhere on the page like I did)


If you don’t mind VERY spoilerish interviews, here’s one with Denis Villeneuve about Enemy for Filmcomment. The interviewer gave away something that even to me (I haven’t seen the film yet) sounds like a huge spoiler. You’ve been warned.


And last but not least, we’ve got a bunch of new release dates:

Canada 14 March 2014

USA 14 March 2014 (New York City, New York)

Germany 15 March 2014 (Fantasy Filmfest Nights)

Singapore 27 March 2014

Spain 28 March 2014

Germany 8 May 2014

Turkey 16 May 2014

Netherlands 29 May 2014

Portugal 18 June 2014


Now we only have to wait





ENEMY Featurette: Behind The Scenes

A look behind the scenes of ENEMY

(hey, IGN?…it’s ENEMY, not The Double)

and Stuckmann’s enthusiastic video review for the film

Review Summary [source]: Truly unique experiences in cinema are rare today, and thankfully, Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy provides one. Sure, this film can be compared to others, but honestly, so can every film out there. Most films are just recreations of stories we’ve seen already. What makes a movie special is the way in which the story is told. From the opening shot of Enemy, you are trained to expect something out of the ordinary. Jake Gyllenhaal is magnetic, his performance seethes on the screen. As the movie progressed, and the tension built, it became increasingly obvious that this was “a thinker”, a film that movie nerds will be discussing on the internet for years. It’s a beautifully shot, well-acted thriller that’s well worth seeing. It also contains one of the scariest endings I’ve ever seen.

Grade: A

I’m thrilled beyond words


Jake Gyllenhaal Meets his Double

Updated with Trailer #2

A couple of new scenes from the film in this interview with Denis Villeneuve for The Morning Show

The first theatrical trailer for ENEMY, my most anticipated Jake’s film ever, has just been released. It’s minimal, scary, disquieting, intriguingly wicked.

In fewer words, I’m sold.

It bugs me to read that the film will have a ‘limited release’ but maybe things will change. You can catch the film online though on February 6 on DirecTV, a whole month before its official release in the US:

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Enemy is the first picture the satellite company will offer on VOD exclusively for 30 days as part of the new deal with A24.

A DirecTV exec told the Journal that it plans to introduce a new movie every month with a “huge marketing push.” It will charge as much as $12.99 for a seven-day rental, with Enemy making its debut early in 2014 [source]

Thanks to IHJ we have screencaps

normal_000001 normal_000016 normal_000013

I wonder if Jake himself decided to use this old shot. Brilliant!

normal_000025 normal_000047 normal_000067 normal_000069 normal_000091 normal_000071

We also have a new poster. I think of the three I like the red one better.

enemy-poster (1)



The anticipation is bloody killing me.

In Loving Memory of Heath Andrew Ledger

Forever missed.


4 April 1979 – 22 January 2008


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